Comic 3

Nothing Between the Panels is another comic strip that was inspired thanks to the MegaCon writers’ panel. Ron Marz mentioned how comic panels show moments in time, but that events occur between those panels that the reader has to imagine for themselves. So I thought what if the moments shown in the panel are all that occur, hence we end up with this strip.

I remember seeing a Rambo cartoon when I was little where before every battle Rambo would go through the process tying his boots (even though he had the boots on all episode, were the laces untied before), putting his knife in it’s sheath (he already had the knife on him, it was the one piece of equipment he never left the house without), and tying on his bandana. The watcher had to assume Rambo properly loaded his weapons, took the safeties off, secured his hand grenades, and so on. I don’t think this cartoon lasted very long.

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