Hey, we’re back to the Guano Gulp story. Check in and see what trouble little Victor gets into today.


This week we say goodbye to my partner and key collaborator. Ashby will be missed.


This week little Victor learns an important life, stay out of other peoples’ business.


Hey, if you’ve ever put a blanket around your neck and went to your parent’s roof top then this issue is for you. If you haven’t done that, don’t do it now.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Thanks for taking a moment to check out this week’s page. I’d also like to send a special thanks out to all the fine bloggers who have offered me great deals on tramadol for my dogs, my frisky little fur bags sure could use some.


Hey folks. This page 2 of our 6 page “Guano Gulp” story. Nick, Ashby, and I hope you’re enjoying this story and the “When Claws Were Cool” comic. Please vote for us on topwebcomics.com if you have a minute to spare. Thanks again for checking us out.


Hey, Nick’s back and better than ever. This is page 1 of our new 7 page “Guano Gulp” storyline. These events occur during the time of the “Gluttonous” story and is the first appearance of a new hero in the making. Ashby and Kristin will be back in two months with another awesome comic strip. As always, thanks for checking […]


And so ends this delightful story about the spirit of human triumph or something like that. Really there’s no point to this story, but feel free to pick one of these: it’s hard to get good help for free, don’t listen to adults, or always watch your back. Next week we’ve got a funny one from me and Nick about […]


Hey folks, we almost at the end of this monumental story. The events here will come back to haunt Guano Guy (and thank goodness for that cause Guano so deserves for something bad to happen). Next we will be presenting the third installment of Nick Huffman’s work. It’s a silly story about childhood fanfare and imagination and we hope it […]